Patient Referral Management for the Dental Industry

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Connecting Dental Specialists and General Dentists at a higher level by providing a revolutionary patient referral system that tracks and controls referrals, is easy to use, and can dramatically increase practice revenue while providing a higher level of care for a better patient experience.

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Referrals are commonplace in the dental world, but the referral process has
never been standardized, leading to a complete lack of tracking and control. Many
times, referrals fall through the cracks and cases go unfulfilled. This results in
unfulfilled and unhappy patients, as well as lost practice revenue.

Enter Team Dentistry, a revolutionary, easy-to-use online approach that reimagines
the referral process, bringing significant benefits to both patients and doctors.
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With Team Dentistry Everyone Wins

General Dentist Wins

Team Dentistry improves the referral process, retaining the patient relationship. Happy patients return to the general dentist for on-going care.

Patient wins

Rather than just getting a business card and being left to themselves, Team Dentistry does all the referral work for the patient, providing a “concierge level” of care, for a better patient experience.

Specialist Wins

Referrals that fall through the cracks mean lost revenue for the specialist. Team Dentistry automates and streamlines the referral process ensuring referred patients get to the specialist, thus increasing referral fulfillment and practice revenue.