What is Team Dentistry?

Team Dentistry is a referral management system that automates, streamlines and dramatically improves the referral process between dental general practitioners (GP’s) and dental specialists.  It allows both the GP and specialist to track and control the referral process, improving patient care and increasing practice revenue.

Why is Team Dentistry an important addition to my practice?

Millions of dental referrals pass between GP’s and specialists each year.  Many of those fall through the cracks and go unfulfilled.  This is a health risk to the patient and a major source of lost revenue and potential liability to the doctors.  Team Dentistry automates and streamlines the referral process, allowing both the GP and the specialist to track and control each referral from the start, improving patient outcomes through more complete and standardized referral management and fulfillment.  This “Team Care” approach leads to higher patient satisfaction, and creates significant additional income for your practice through tracking of each referral sent and received.  Integrating Team Dentistry into your practice also provides the patient with an additional sense of security knowing that you are using up-to-date technologies in your practice.

How can Team Dentistry help my practice as a dental specialist?

-Team Dentistry helps track and control the referral process.  Specialists can turn on or off the referral flow, depending on the needs or circumstances of their practice.

-Specialists can accept or decline referrals within Team Dentistry.  If the referral is declined, the GP is automatically notified by Team Dentistry to re-route the patient to another specialist.

-Specialists receive a standardized referral form with all the pertinent information needed, such as patient information, patient images and files via the HIPAA-compliant Drag & Drop feature and comments from the GP using the Chat feature.

-Team Dentistry Analytics allows the specialist to see how many and from where referrals are coming into the office within any given timeframe.  Which GPs refer the most or the least?  How many referrals are being accepted and/or declined by the office?  What time of the year does the office get the most or the least referrals?  TD Analytics gives the specialist valuable insight into the lifeblood of their business…the dental referral.

-Specialists can keep the referring GP abreast of the progress of the patient using the Team Dentistry Progress Bar.  When the procedure is complete, the specialist can refer the patient back to the GP for ongoing care, assuring the GP is motivated to continue to send referrals to the specialist.

-With Team Dentistry, patients are less likely to fall through the cracks. Saving just one referral per week equals an extra 52 fulfilled cases per year.  Average dental fees nationwide for specialists range from $500 to $5,500+ per case.  Assuming an average fee of just $2,000, one saved referral per week equals over $100,000 of extra practice revenue per year.

How can Team Dentistry help my practice as a GP?

-Team Dentistry standardizes the referral process.  Rather than passing out a business card or sending random emails to the specialists, a standardized Patient Information Form (PIF) is created, allowing the GP office to better keep track of their referrals.

-Team Dentistry helps mitigate the problem of “one-way referrals”, where some referred patients never return.  A lost patient equals lost revenue.  Team Dentistry resolves that issue.  It promotes communication and integration in the referral process between GPs and specialists, improving patient care and fostering “two-way referrals”, where the patient returns to the GP for ongoing care.

-Team Dentistry records and keeps track of each referral, protecting the GP from potential litigation if the patient fails to follow through on the referral.

-Team Dentistry includes a Progress Bar allowing the GP office to easily track their patient’s progress through the referral process.  The Progress Bar shows when the patient was referred, that their appointment with the specialist was set and when the procedure is complete.  The patient is automatically notified to return to the GP for ongoing care.

-Team Dentistry Analytics provides the GP with so much more information about their referrals than ever before.  Rather than “flying blind”, Team Dentistry Analytics shows the GP how many referrals the office makes in any timeframe; the total and percentage that went to each specialty AND to each specialist; the number and percentage of those referrals that returned to the GP office by each specialty and specialist.  Team Dentistry Analytics displays this information in easy-to-read graphs and charts, keeping the GP office updated on the status of the referrals they make.

-Team Dentistry improves the referral process for the patient by providing a “concierge level” of care for a better patient experience.  Happy patients return to the general dentist for on-going care.

Is the Team Dentistry system HIPAA compliant?

Yes.   The Team Dentistry referral system was programmed from the beginning with encryption standards that meet or exceed HIPAA compliance requirements.

Does Team Dentistry affect or interfere with my Practice Management Software (PMS)?

No.  Team Dentistry works independently of your chosen PMS.

As a TD Standard subscriber, can I upgrade to TD Plus at any time?

Yes you can.  Upgrading your account is simple. There are two ways to do it.

  1. When logged into your Team Dentistry Account, click on the green Upgrade button in the upper right hand corner and follow the instructions for upgrading your account to TD Plus.

OR –

  1. When your cursor hovers over an unavailable feature (grayed out), a pop-up window appears, letting you know that you need to upgrade in order to access those particular features.  You can simply click on the pop-up box and you will be taken to the subscription area for the option to upgrade to TD Plus.
Is the patient notified regarding the status of their referral?

Yes…Team Dentistry automatically sends the patient a text from the GP notifying that their referral was sent to the specialist, and that they will soon hear from them.

When the specialist accepts the referral, Team Dentistry automatically notifies the patient on behalf of the specialist that they received the referral and will soon reach out to them.

Is it easy to get started with Team Dentistry?

Yes.  It takes just minutes.  Go to app.team-dentistry.com to register and set up your practice.

Is a Credit or Debit Card required to sign up?

Yes. However you will have a free 30-day trial period to use Team Dentistry to see how it can allow you greater control over your referrals, provide an enhanced referral experience for your patients, and help improve treatment fulfillment, leading to increased practice revenue.

Do you offer a Free Trial?

Yes.  Use Team Dentistry for a free trial period of 30-days to see how it can improve your referral process.

How can I contact Team Dentistry?

General Information [email protected]

Sales Information [email protected]

Client Support [email protected]

Phone (801) 512-2121 9am to 5pm (Mountain Time) M-F