How Many Referrals Are You Missing?


Just ONE lost referral per week equals an average of over $100,000 of LOST practice revenue per year?

That’s a lot of LOST REVENUE!

Discover how you can…

CAPTURE those lost referrals (that you didn’t even know you were losing) so you can INCREASE YOUR PRACTICE REVENUE without spending a dime on additional advertising!

You’ll see how your practice can:

  • Receive standardized referrals
  • Track referrals
  • Receive patient information and records
  • Instant chat between offices
  • Get empowered with Referral Analytics
  • HIPAA compliant and secure environment


  • Standardized Referral Form/Process

  • Referral Tracking Start to Finish

  • Patient Progress Bar

  • Office-to-Office Chat

  • Drag and Drop Patient Files and Images

  • Referral analytics

  • HIPAA Compliant


  • Ensures all necessary patient information is provided and transmitted in a HIPAA compliant fashion
  • Patient gets to Specialist, procedure gets completed, and patient gets back to the GP
  • GP can easily see and keep track of their patient’s progress with Specialist
  • Immediate communication between offices regarding each specific patient
  • Easily transfer files, images etc using our Drag and Drop file transfer
  • Know how your referrals are affecting your practice real time graphically
  • All patient information is secure using the latest encryption programming

What if you captured just ONE extra
referral each week using Team Dentistry?

How many offices do you have?
Estimated potential new captured revenue:

*Numbers shown are for demonstration purposes only.
Calculations are based on 52 weeks/year, 4.33 weeks/month

With Team Dentistry Everyone Wins

Patient Wins

Rather than just getting a business card and being left to themselves, Team Dentistry does all the referral work for the patient, providing a “concierge level” of care, for a better patient experience.

Specialist Wins

Referrals that fall through the cracks mean lost revenue for the specialist. Team Dentistry automates and streamlines the referral process ensuring referred patients get to the specialist, thus increasing referral fulfillment and practice revenue.

General Dentist Wins

Team Dentistry improves the referral process, retaining the patient relationship. Happy patients return to the general dentist for on-going care.

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